Alumni Peer Supervision Group via Zoom

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Date(s) - 02/07/2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am



A small group will be offered this Fall for the ongoing support, well-being and supervision of our Tacheria and/or Wisdom’s Way alumni. Tacheria alum and board member, Karen Gatlin will convene the group, but we will take turns being Convener, Seekers and Listeners – with two or three members “seeking” each session. All will have a chance to check in each time with group members. Group size will stay between 6 -10 with advance signup and a commitment to attend the group regularly. (If group is toward the larger size, we will split into two groups for seeking and listening so that all have a chance to be “seeker” at least once this fall).

Group size is limited. Advance registration is required. To register: Use our Contact Us tab to indicate your interest and please include your email.

TACHERIA TUESDAYS: The group will meet from 11:00 AM-12:30 PM on Tuesday mornings*, once a month. This group will provide peer supervision and spiritual support for those who are actively engaged in providing some form of spiritual companionship to others (though the sort of settings may vary a great deal). As spiritual companions, we aim to care for our own balance and spiritual health with the help of trusted guides. Spiritual Directors International (SDI) recommends that “Spiritual directors engage in supervision by receiving regular supervision from peers or from a mentor.” This group will be gathered around a model of group spiritual direction and peer supervision. The focus is on the movement of Spirit in the Seeker’s interactions – rather than on problem-solving or advice-giving. We each serve as companions to the seeker reflecting where we hear/see/experience Spirit moving as we listen.

As points of reference, we recommend that participants look over:
• Parker Palmer’s “Touchstones for Circles of Trust in a Brave Space”
• Layne Racht’s process for “Group Spiritual Direction” (used by permission)

DATES: December 14, January 11, February 8

If there is ongoing interest, this group will meet in the winter/spring beginning in February. As the situation with COVID improves and the participants wish, the group may find opportunities to meet in person (in addition to the Zoom times listed).

*Arizona time zone

Tacheria Alumni Peer Sup Group Fall 2021