Articles & Resources

The following articles are written by students of the school and members of the board.

Tacheria: My Journey – Joyce Stewart and Eric Rau

Reflections on the Journey – 2016 Graduates

First Alumni Group Meeting – Eve Hady

The Transformation Power of Liminal Space – Nan Rubin

Spirituality, Creativity and Immersion – Nan Rubin

Blind Faith – Matilda Essig

Did the Moment Go Away or Did I Leave It? – Nan Rubin


Spiritual Directors International

SDI is the “home of spiritual companionship.” For more than twenty-five years, SDI has served this community through educational events, publications, and outreach programs, helping people connect with one another and with the Sacred. As a registered nonprofit charity, our mission is to tend the holy around the world and across traditions.

Other Spiritual Direction Connections

Desert Path Spiritual Direction: