The Journey Continues…


Third Saturday Alumni Gatherings – Hosted by Tacheria Alum, Janet Tolman. These events feature gifted alumni speakers and leaders who help to illuminate some aspect of spiritual companionship and offer new and interesting perspectives. At the current time, we continue to hold these via Zoom.


ALUMNI PEER SUPPORT – Many small groups exist among various groups of graduates. We offer another monthly opportunity to connect with fellow graduates of Tacheria or Wisdom’s Way, usually on a weekday. Hosted on Zoom, the group offers Peer Conversation with Alumni of both schools. All alumni should receive the monthly announcement via email.


From Board Chair, Frank Williams:
This year we are asking you, as an Alumni, to make a donation to Tacheria. Your gift will benefit not only both Schools, but also our Alumni Programs, as well. We are suggesting a donation of $10.00 a month or $100 for the year (more if you are able), but any gift will help continue the journey.

You can make your donation through PayPal or through a check to:
Tacheria, 1001 E. Ina, Tucson 85718.

Now, more than ever, Tacheria and Wisdom’s Way Schools, need your support. Make your one time or ongoing donation below.

The following articles are written by students of the school and members of the board.

Tacheria: My Journey – Joyce Stewart and Eric Rau
Reflections on the Journey – 2016 Graduates
First Alumni Group Meeting – Eve Hady
The Transformation Power of Liminal Space – Nan Rubin
Spirituality, Creativity and Immersion – Nan Rubin
Blind Faith – Matilda Essig
Did the Moment Go Away or Did I Leave It? – Nan Rubin

Spiritual Directors International

SDI is the “home of spiritual companionship.” For more than twenty-five years, SDI has served this community through educational events, publications, and outreach programs, helping people connect with one another and with the Sacred. As a registered nonprofit charity, our mission is to tend the holy around the world and across traditions.

Local Spiritual Direction Connections

Desert Path Spiritual Direction: