Wisdom’s Way Graduation 2019

Blessing for the Class of 2019Wisdom’s Way Interfaith School

O Holy One,

May the journey of the Class of 2019 continue to shower them with their gifts.

May they always give generously kindness that radiates from Pat.

May they embrace new learning with the joyful spirit of Sally.

May they put their learning into action for interfaith dialogue and acceptance with the courage of Phil.

May they be openly vulnerable with an enthusiasm for the exploration of their soul as Darrell.

May they listen deeply for keen insights to translate into meaningful work like Matt.

May they dance with the Divine in light and darkness giving birth to soulful prayers as Kara.

May they deepen their mystical creativity to inspire new ways of engaging the Divine as Martha.

And may they remember to ask for what they need,

…and offer what they truly can give wholeheartedly.


Graduation Program 2019