Wisdom’s Way Graduation 2021

2021 Graduates

Blessing for the Class of 2021
Wisdom’s Way School

O Holy One,
May the journey of the Class of 2021 continue to surround them
with their gifts.
May they face their shadows and bring healing light to their hearts and
souls with the courage of Deb.
May they find the strength for vulnerability with an enthusiasm for the
exploration of their souls as Amanda.
May they offer gentle kindness and unwavering compassionate acceptance
for everyone like Michael.
May they listen deeply for keen insights to transform their lives and offer
wisdom for others like Gene.
May they enthusiastically seek new learning and be open to finding a new
path for their journeys like Pam.
May they face the heartaches of life with the grace of acceptance while
embracing healing compassion like Sue.
May they deepen their mystical creativity to inspire new ways of engaging
the Divine as Paula.
May they bring unbridled curiosity and wonder to their seeking of wisdom
as Cheryl.
May they be thoughtful and loving listeners with a healing song in their
hearts as Phyllis.
And may they remember to ask for what they need,
…and offer what they truly can give wholeheartedly.
And may it be so now and always… Amen.

Graduation Program 2021