Wisdom’s Way Graduation 2020

Blessing for the Class of 2020Wisdom’s Way Interfaith School

O Holy One,

May the wisdom of the Class of 2020 continue as gifts for their journeys.

May they always give the gentle, selfless hospitality of Cathleen.

May they be a brave seeker of dream insight like Channin.

May they be a joyful, welcoming soul to others as Pat.

May they be a courageous pursuer of deep wisdom like Janine.

May they be brave in their vulnerability to shed light on truth as Monna.

May they risk welcoming the artist within and see what emerges like Joanne.

May they courageously embrace finding their voice and speaking their truth like Jama.

May they be a brilliant weaver of the intellect, and the mystery as Gary.

And may they remember to ask for what they need,

…and offer what they truly can give wholeheartedly.


2020 Graduation Program